Everything you want to know about the Pink Boots Scholarship Program … and more!

โ˜ž Did you know that there are a total of up to 17 possible scholarships, with National offering an average of 13 different scholarships, and your Canada Chapter ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ offering up to 4 different scholarships over the year? 

  • The what and why behind scholarships?
  • What scholarships can I apply for?
  • What do I need to do when applying?
  • What’s Available?
  • How often do they happen?

โ˜ž 1. Education component behind PBS & what the scholarships are meant to do.

The Pink Boots Society is all about education. For that reason, scholarships are a very important part of our organization. Scholarships are here to aid our members to gain further training that will advance them professionally within the fermented beverages industry.

โ˜ž 2. Members can apply for National, Chapter, or both. 

Did you know that members can apply for two different sets of scholarships? There are scholarships offered worldwide, but there are also chapter-specific scholarships that we have curated for our Canada Chapter members. There are TWO SEPARATE APPLICATIONS: one for National and one for Canada Chapter scholarships, and they are reviewed by totally different groups. You can apply for up the three scholarships in each application. Choose the scholarships you most want to be considered for.

โ˜ž 3. High-level things needed to apply for scholarships. The process…

  • Know your application deadlines! Scholarships are offered by quarters,(Jan – Mar, April -June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec) so keep an eye on the calendar.
  • Application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, so, you have three months to prepare your application
  • Scholarship choices. There are so many great opportunities to apply for. You can apply for up to three scholarships on each application, so make sure you know which ones you want to apply for, and rank them accordingly.REMEMBER, TWO DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS: one for National scholarships, another one for Chapter scholarships.
  • Resume. Update that resume and have it ready for the review committee.
  • Essay. THIS IS WHERE YOU GET TO SHINE! Set aside some time to write the essay that will WOW the review committee and makes you stand out as a candidate. 
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional, but highly recommended). You don’t need one, but who wouldn’t want someone to promote them? The recommendation can be from someone in the industry or from someone who just knows how passionate you are.


Liz McDonnell, our Education Chair, hosts Natasha Peiskar, our Canada Chapter President, and Brittany Ribalkin, our Brew Day lead. Both Natasha and Brittany are past recipients (and recent attendees) of Pink Boots Society scholarships, so they have details on going through the application process!

This video covers where to find the latest National and Canada Chapter scholarships, where to find that application form, how Natasha and Brittany approached the application process, what makes an application stand out, and what comes after. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Still not sure where to start? Need to know how to write that essay? Send an email at and let’s set up a call to help you navigate this process OR book an appointment with Liz via Koalender



โ˜ž 4. Opportunities list CHAPTER/CANADA SPECIFIC ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

***As not all of the above will be available during each quarter, please check the website link below for updates***



โ˜ž 5. Opportunities list NATIONAL *

***As not all of the above will be available during each quarter, please check the website link below for updates***



If you are ready to apply, click the link below to start. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send your questions to


CANADIAN MEMBER WINNERS 2022 (From left to right)

  • Tammy Joho (ON) – Yakima Chief Hops: Hop & Brew School ยฎ (Canadian scholarship)
  • Emily Kokonas (BC) – Beerology: Mastering Beer and Food Pairing (Canadian Scholarship)
  • Sarah Scullion (ON) – CBP Connects Conference (National Scholarship)
  • Danielle Chaput (ON) – Not Your Hobby Marketing Bev Biz Mastermind (National Scholarship)







  • It can take up to 8 weeks to hear back from the scholarship committee if you are a winner
  • If you applied for more than one scholarship and are a winning candidate you will need to pick just one scholarship
  • Find out ahead what you need for your course or scholarship. Each scholarship is different. Some require you to pay in advance.


  • Pay it Forward: All PBS scholarships have a โ€œPay It Forwardโ€ (PIF) requirement, where our scholarship recipients are required to pass on the specific knowledge they gained in their scholarship course to other PBS members and to the industry in general within 6 months of completing the program. 
  • Successful completion of the course: Recipients will be billed 50% (up to $500) of the course value if they do not successfully complete the course. 
  • Recipients will be ineligible to receive another scholarship for a period of ONE YEAR from the acceptance date.

 Have more questions? Send an email to