Contact Us!

Please find below the contact information for our board members:

Natasha Peiskar, President

Marianne Magee, Vice-President

Lundy Dale, Communications & Membership

Liz McDonnell, Education & Scholarships Chair

Serena Seeger, Events Lead

Brittany Ribalkin, Collaboration Brew Days Chair

As we continue to grow, several of our committees are seeking volunteers to support Pink Boots Society Canada. Don’t have the experience but want to learn new skills? Some of the roles do not require the skills, just the desire! Email the committee chair listed below with your name, location, and fermentation area of expertise.

BONUS: These committees look great on your resume!


Open BOARD Positions:

National Finance Liaison
Email: (Natasha)

Monthly Profit & Loss statements, annual returns, donations, funds development, and corporate sponsorships. Accounting/Bookkeeping & E-Commerce knowledge is an asset.



Open VOLUNTEER Positions:


🌟 NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Mentorship Program Coordinator

We have an exciting new volunteer opportunity for Pink Boots Society Canada Chapter members: Mentorship Program Coordinator. The Mentorship Program Coordinator will, together with the Committee Chair, recruit, select and match mentees/mentors, organize starting/closing activities, and facilitate group mentoring activities. If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to Liz McDonnell at Letters of interest are due by Wednesday, May 17, 2023.


We have a seat waiting for you! We’re looking for a dedicated volunteer to help us curate exciting content and manage our social media channels. If you have a passion for beer, wine, or other fermented beverages and want to become part of an awesome team, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to 


Brewing /Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Committee

Chair: Brittany Ribalkin

Organize and facilitate collaboration brew days, guide organizations through the process and answer any questions, ensure our values align, organize contact information for collaboration submissions, and create documents for seamless step-by-step processes.

Education Committee

Chair: Liz McDonnell

Sourcing educational opportunities and scholarship opportunities that are going to broaden our member’s horizons.

Event Committee ( 2 positions)

Chair: Serena Seeger

With the world opening up, we are hoping to once again meet in person. We are looking for one position for online events, and one to help out with in-person events.

Provincial Brand Ambassadors

Chair: Lundy Dale

Working within your province to help spread the word of Pink Boots Canada, and run meet-ups in your area. Opportunities would include working at local events in a designated Pink Boots membership booth.